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Notre-Dame du Taur

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You’ve just entered the church of Notre Dame du Taur (our Lady of Taur). Look around and admire the splendid paintings by Bernard Bénézet (1835-1892) that portray of historical events in association with the church such as the martyr of Saint Saturnin, the saints of Toulouse imploring Saint Mary or the death of Saint Joseph.

The church, which is built on the burial place of Saint Sernin, hides a story. It is told that the bishop Saint Sernin travelled the length and breadth of the town to evangelistic ends. While he was going past the Capitole, pagan priests taunted him challenging him to praise the emperor and the gods by sacrificing a bull. A bull was brought along but he refused the sacrifice with resolve. In response to his obstinacy his feet were tied to the tail of the bull which then ran riot through the town until the martyr’s body was massacred. His body, which was recovered by two women, was buried and it wasn’t until later that the church was built in his honour.

Today the district where the church is situated is considered the cultural centre of Toulouse and has become one of the most valued and interesting. Today, as well as the different architectural chefs d’oeuvres, there are colleges, universities, libraries and museums. So if you’ve a thirst for learning, go for a cultural tour!

Construction type

Gothic architecture of Southern France

Built in

14th century


Tube line A : Capitole station

Opening times

Open on Saturdays  from 9am to noon and from 2pm to 7.30pm
Sundays from 9am to 1pm

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